Storm Doors Vs. Screen Doors

So I got some good feedback on my post about windows which I appreciate, and I guess as soon as a guy posts about windows it makes him a home expert – or at least that’s what everyone thinks now that you’re asking me about doors! 😉

Okay, so I’ve heard people ask once or twice, you get it. Anyway, here’s old Larry’s take on the difference between storm doors and screen doors, and the different materials they use to make them!

Storm Doors


Storm doors, for lack of a better description, are a good example of ‘function over form’. Not the prettiest windows in the world, they generally consist of a hard and nearly air-tight metal frame around a solid glass pane, sometimes with a screen behind it. Sound simple enough so far?

Typically, storm doors are designed to keep out the elements while still allowing a view. They sit much more tightly in their doorframes to prevent air and water from getting in, and are almost always metal in order to stand up to the beatings of Mother Nature.

But wait, you’re asking, don’t these sometimes have screens in them? They do, but not every storm door is a screen door, or vice versa. A storm door is great for states with more rough weather like us here in Michigan, and can actually help keep your home warmer as it allows less heat to escape, and the screens are generally given a light glazing to allow light to enter the home, but not air.

Speaking of screen doors…

Screen Doors

White Screen Door 1

Screen doors are still distinct from storm doors (to the surprise of many people) in that they have no glass and are not air tight. While some people use the terms interchangeably, screen doors have much thinner construction and a small mesh made out of of a number of materials such as aluminum to let in air and sunlight. You can get a number of different options as far as door construction and screen material, and they’re pretty cheap and easy to find.

So What One Do I Want?

Well, I suppose I’ll level with you: I feel like storm doors are the way to go for my neck of the woods, and many of yours as well. Screen doors are real nice if you’ve got a constantly nice breeze wafting through and you’re not too worried about upkeep, but keep in mind you can get screens on storm doors too. Storm doors offer much more help in keeping your house heated and safe from winter winds, and when it gets warm many of them allow you to slide a window down behind a screen. But hey? What do I know. If you’re reading this down South maybe you prefer screens!

That’s it for this week! If you want to check out some storm doors in Michigan, I’d suggest Fox Weldoor, and for screen doors you oughta go to Taylor Door Company for their nice wood options. Catch ya soon!

Storm Doors Vs. Screen Doors

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